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Taking action for a sustainable faculty

Overall vision

The faculty's Climate Action Task Force takes action to make the faculty more sustainable in education, research and innovation as well as in how we work at the faculty. Its main ambition: to do everything possible to ensure that the faculty is in line with the TU Delft's climate objectives. By 2030, TU Delft aims to have fully sustainable operations. All activities on and from the campus will then be CO2 neutral, circular, climate adaptive and will contribute to the quality of life for users and nature. Get to know its members.

Questions for the Climate Action Task Force? Or would you like to join? Then contact us via our new e-mail address:

Meet the team

Irene Fernandez Villegas

Associate Professor Aerospace Structures and Materials and faculty sustainability officer

"Moving into a sustainable future poses technological as well as societal challenges. In particular, a significant shift in people's mindset is needed to transition into sustainable societies. I am part of the Climate Action Task Force at the faculty because I believe that leading by example is one of the best ways to inspire people to change their behaviour. My personal drive with regards to sustainability is the moral obligation to provide the next generations with not only a liveable but also thriving planet."

Assistant Professor Wind Energy

“I joined the Climate Action Task Force to actively contribute to making our faculty more sustainable. I am very passionate about my research on wind energy, the opportunity to contribute to the world’s climate neutrality and form the next generations of engineers who will lead our green energy future. Climate change is in our hands. As a member of the task force, I hope to help raise awareness on what each of us can do to shift towards a sustainable, energy-efficient and resilient campus, and suggest concrete actions for climate change mitigation and adaptation.”

Donatella Zappalá

Camila Belo Gomes Brito

PhD Candidate Aerospace Structures and Materials

“A systemic change starts with one person, then with a group and only then it can reach society as a whole. I realized that my individual choices for a sustainable lifestyle could set an example, but that I had to collaborate with others in order to spread them. Joining the Climate Action Task Force was the perfect opportunity to put that into practice. By being part of this initiative, I want the TU Delft community to understand that a technological university cannot look into the future if that future is threatened, that people feel the urgency of this matter and that everyone takes action, even small ones, in building a sustainable future.”

Management Assistant

“I’ve been doing what I can at home to reduce my family's carbon footprint and so I was delighted when Irene Fernandez Villegas asked me to join the Climate Action Task Force. 

It felt a natural step to participate, to help in any way I could to tackle the problems and do what I can to achieve a carbon neutral workplace for the future. I know that we can all make a difference and if you have any ideas and/or want to help then please feel free to reach out to us.”  

Laura Chant

Cristina Ritti

Student Aerospace Engineering and member of the AE Green Team

“As a student, I want my fellow colleagues to know that change is possible! I joined the Climate Action Task Force to help facilitate the transition towards a carbon neutral faculty. As part of the Green Team of Aerospace Engineering, I collaborate daily with other three students on the topic of sustainability. Being a part of the task force gives me the opportunity of communicating directly with the faculty and staff members, joining forces for the common goal of a greener future!”

Faculty executive secretary

"In addition to all the scientific and technological developments initiated by TU Delft to contribute to achieving the climate objectives, staff and students can also contribute to reducing the footprint from their own actions. I am happy to help make and implement plans to strengthen awareness of this within our organisation."

Joyce ten Berge

Ineke Boneschansker

Faculty communication manager

"A big part of my job as a communication professional is to share the stories of researchers, lecturers and students who make the world a more sustainable place through their academic work, education and innovation projects. By joining the Climate Action Task Force I can take action myself. Besides, going back to my profession, I believe the university can only be a true thoughtleader on sustainability if we practice what we preach."

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