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Are you looking for students to complete an internship at your company?

Aerospace Engineering
The Faculty of Aerospace Engineering of the Delft University of Technology is one of Europe's largest educational institutes specializing in aerospace technology with a student body of almost 3000 students. It is the leading European aerospace faculty in rankings. A long history of technical excellence, innovation, and teaching performance across a broad spectrum of space and aviation disciplines enables graduates to provide technically innovative and commercially viable solutions for this dynamic sector. The Faculty aims to train engineers to respond effectively to the vast range of engineering needs arising within the world of aerospace technology. Students are encouraged to be confident and resourceful in problem-solving, and at the same time, to cooperate and communicate across cultural borders.

Master programmes
The Faculty of Aerospace Engineering offers the Master Aerospace Engineering programme with six disciplines:

The internship in the Master Programme
During the Master programme, all students complete an internship with a nominal study duration of approximately 10-12 weeks. The internship aims to provide students with skills that complement those taught at university. This internship allows the student to explore working in a company and to gain more knowledge in the aerospace field. Moreover, it gives the student a better perception of tasks and responsibilities within a professional environment.

Why should your company or institute hire an intern from the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering? The list of arguments that can be produced based on this question is quite long. We will here give you a selection of the main arguments given by the different companies that have already had interns from the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering:

  • "Students are up-to-date with theoretical and  practical knowledge";
  • "Students demonstrate a fresh and analytical view of the problems within a company/institute";
  • "Students are trained in doing project-based work in multidisciplinary teams";
  • "Possibility to recruit highly trained students in a flexible way, who  will  be able to solve problems which are taking too much of our own time";
  • "An internship or a graduation project is an excellent way to recruit talented young employees".

Are you a student at the Faculty? Find more information on Brightspace. For students that started their MSc programme before Academic Year 2022-2023, please refer to the information in the Study Guide and on Brightspace for the course AE5050. For students that started in Academic Year 2022-2023 or after, please refer to the information in the Study Guide and on Brightspace for the course AE5051.

If you are interested in applying for the MSc programme, please find more information here:

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Internship Coordinator

Ms. Mirthe Oude Alink