Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Faculty of Aerospace Engineering

Overall vision

As the Diversity & Inclusion Committee of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, our vision is based on three main pillars

Enable everyone to excel

By making our work environment and infrastructures more inclusive, we will make sure that everyone can realise their best potentials, independently of their personal situation. This will be highly beneficial to the excellence and reputation of our Faculty.

Attract and keep talents

By providing extra support to some of our staff and students in need, and by valuing work fairly, we will make our Faculty more attractive to prospective staff and we will diminish the risk of having talented people leaving us. By increasing the representation of minorities at all levels, we will provide role models that students can identify with.

Foster a long-term spirit of inclusiveness in the Faculty

By exposing our staff and students at all levels to information on the subject (e.g. guidelines, awareness tests, training), we will develop a long-term climate of inclusiveness, hence increasing our positive image nationally and internationally and reducing the need for ad-hoc last-minute measures in the long term.

Meet the team

Axelle Viré

Axelle Viré is an Associate Professor in the Wind Energy Section of the AWEP department. Her passion is to develop floating offshore wind farms on a large scale to help accelerate the energy transition. She also wants to train the next generation of engineers to this field. She is committed to support staff and the Faculty, for example through her role as Chair of the Faculty Staff Council (OdC). Axelle has three children who make sure she is never bored.

Sofia Teixeira de Freitas is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Aerospace Structures and Materials. Her research focus on the fracture and damage mechanisms of bonded interfaces with the mission to generate a durable and sustainable (air) transport. She is a Delft Technology Female Fellow and a VENI-laureate.

Sofia is also a mother of two young boys; Pedro, a 3-year-old toddler full of sunshine energy to play and throw tantrums; and Eduardo, a 16-month-old baby with the sweetest smile and obsessed with playground slides. 

Sofia Teixeira de Freitas

Evelien Bijl

Evelien Bijl is one of the two HR advisor at faculty Aerospace Engineering. While she is mainly advising management regarding HR topics, she is also involved in various projects, for example D&I at our faculty. People know Evelien for having a sweet tooth and walking around with a smile, as she feels very proud to be working at our faculty.  

Yinneke de Hoop works as an academic counsellor for both the bachelor and master students. She is also the coordinator of the AE bridging programme. Diversity and inclusion is one of her main field of interest and she is therefore excited to be working on this important matter together with her colleagues. Aside from work she enjoys trying out new restaurants, going to the gym or watch Netflix the whole evening. She recently became a cat mom who wants to play every time she wants to sleep.

Yinneke de Hoop

Sezen Sümer

Sezen Sümer is a legal assistant and education coordinator at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering (Education & Student Affairs) at TU Delft. While she is mainly involved with legal subjects, she is also involved in various projects within the faculty. In her spare time she works as a volunteer for refugees (VluchtelingenWerk Nederland). She also likes to travel, photograph and dance as much as possible.

Frandjescka Balootje is a member of the communication team of Aerospace Engineering. She is mainly responsible for all the external communication, but is also involved in various projects within the team. Next to that she is also the Alumni Relations Coordinator for AE Alumni & the Mentor Alumni Programme. She organizes faculty events such as the opening of the academic year and the new year’s breakfast with her other communication colleagues. In her free time, she is a presenter, writer and actress.

Frandjescka Balootje

Julien van Campen

Julien van Campen is an Assistant Professor in the Aerospace Structures and Computational Mechanics section of the Aerospace Structures and Material department. He works on the design and analysis of composite pressure vessels for the storage of (liquid) hydrogen as aviation fuel and thereby helps to facilitate the energy transition. His research on the design low-cost light-weight high-performance composite structures further contributes to make transportation more sustainable. He aims to be an LGBTIQ+ role model for the students of the Aerospace Engineering faculty. Additionally, he is the chair of True U, the LGBTIQ+ organisation for TU Delft staff. Julien is married, he is an avid hobby pastry chef, and together with his husband he loves hosting dinner parties for family and friends.