Create Assignments

Assignments are a common activity in many courses and can be set-up in Brightspace. With this functionality students can submit files, pictures and text electronically, after which you or your assistants will review and grade them. You can also use Assignments for feedback when work is delivered in hard-copy or in another way outside the Brightspace environment or for when students are Observed in person (e.g. oral exams or presentations).

Go to this page if you are creating an assignment for exams.

Assignment View

Once you have created the assignment you can go to the Assignment view by Clicking on Assignments in the course-menu. This overview allows you to quickly determine if there are new submissions, what assignments you need to evaluate, how far along you are with the evaluations, and check if you have published the evaluations. Also, you can edit or delete categories if needed.

Feedback and grading

You can find more information about giving feedback and grading here.