New publication: Journal of Integrated Security and Safety Science

Nieuws - 01 april 2021 - Webredactie

We are proud to present the new Journal of Integrated Security and Safety Science. An open access journal in which you can freely read and publish innovative papers that offer a significant contribution - conceptual, theoretical, methodological, or empirical -  to all areas of physical security and safety in industries and infrastructures. We invite you to have a look at our Journal.

The primary focus of the Journal
The primary focus is on security and the integration of security and safety within the broad spectrum of security areas, such as terrorism, piracy, theft (e.g., chemical products), and sabotage. Of course, contributions addressing the broad safety spectrum are also welcome, as long as there is a link with security. With this narrowed scope, the Journal will address a โ€˜nicheโ€™, integrating security and safety. You can read all about our scope here.

Our goal with this Journal
The Journal aims to become a globally established value within security and safety science, with guaranteed high-quality standards and attracting a wide readership and diverse author backgrounds. 

What kind of contributions can you expect or publish?
We have a particular interest in articles that combine science, technology, management strategies and regulations to invent scientifically substantiated yet practical solutions for securing and safeguarding assets in various domains. These include the chemical and process industry, oil and gas industry, transportation systems including HAZMAT transportation, power plants (nuclear, LNG, etc.), pipelines, drinking water and water treatment systems, commercial facilities, and government facilities.

Submissions related to both fundamental questions (concepts, theories, methods) and/or applied problems (problem domains and empirical results) are within the scope of the journal.

International editorial board of experts 
We have appointed five editors-in-chief representing different continents, which we hope will alert prospective contributors that article submissions are welcome from every corner of the globe. 

Altogether, the editorial board consists of about twenty highly renowned experts in security and safety from all over the world. This team holds expertise on a wide range of topics and methods that find themselves at the heart of the Journal of Integrated Security and Safety Science.

Karolien van Nunen, Genserik Reniers, Pieter van Gelder, Floris Goerlandt and Jie Li