Editorial: Safety & Security in a Changing World

Nieuws - 09 november 2023

An editorial for the magazine progreSSIon; Safety & Security in a Changing World by Aukje Hassoldt, dean of the TU Delft Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management and chair of the supervisory board of the TU Delft Safety & Security Institute.

In today’s world, safety & security are more important than ever, with both fields dominating the newspapers. Therefore, with great pleasure, I present to you this magazine, ‘progreSSIon’. To celebrate 10 years of TU Delft Safety & Security Institute, it presents a sample of the many innovative activities at TU Delft within the extensive fields of safety & security.

Delft University of Technology has a long and strong history of research in the fields of safety & security. Still, it has never before been presented quite like in this magazine. In addition, we have added insights from some of our partners to broaden the perspective.

In my 15+ years of experience in safety & security, I observed that a lot can still be obtained by combining these fields. The safety world is still somewhat disconnected from the security world and vice versa, although many developments are comparable, and many insights could be shared. TU Delft researchers are working on a more integral approach.

Today’s grand challenges can no longer be solved with a single perspective or approach. They have a strong technological component and take place in a complex setting with many stakeholders, with different values at stake and different views on the world. That is why a systems approach to safety & security is needed, which is also what the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, coordinator of TU Delft Safety & Security Institute, adds to these important research fields.

Cooperation is key, which the cross-faculty approach of TU Delft Safety & Security Institute aims to establish. This is also illustrated by this magazine, showcasing the work of researchers from many different disciplines and TU Delft faculties.

I hope this magazine brings you inspiration and new insights into the critical, challenging and fascinating world of safety & security.

Aukje Hassoldt
Dean of the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management
Delft University of Technology