Pieter Vermaas op theiet.org over globally responsible engineers

Nieuws - 24 januari 2023 - Webredactie

EWB asks for ‘globally responsible’ engineers

Engineers have, arguably, shaped the modern world more than any other profession. From railways to aircraft, computer chips to telecoms networks, batteries to new materials, their creations have dramatically improved our collective quality of life. But, by the same token, they also bear a great deal of responsibility for the world’s biggest problems. Pieter Vermaas: 'Traditionally, ethical questions have taken more of a backseat in engineering, with ‘values’ seen more or less as “subjective opinion”. If there are negative consequences of a design, this is ultimately seen as “the responsibility of the client”, rather than the engineer who built it. However, this is starting to change, especially with regards to questions of sustainability.'