GSE and HC Industry

GSE and collaboration with the Hydrocarbon Industry

The Department of Geoscience and Engineering (GSE) has been challenged to provide an answer on the moral legitimacy of continuing collaboration with the Hydrocarbon Industry, given its major role in global warming. The Department accepted the challenge and performed a series of workshops to define what their position was.

In a nutshell, the conclusions reached were:
i) collaboration with the HC Industry should not be discontinued because of the huge body of knowledge it has and which is of great importance for safe geo-engineering subsurface activities, and that
ii) GSE should clearly use collaborations to strengthen its contribution to the energy transition.

The second step was to develop a tool to communicate our position to the outside. This resulted in the animation and infographic below.

Animation Rethinking the Subsurface

Infographic Rethinking the Subsurface