Geoscience & Engineering Vacancies

It is our strong conviction that our research contributes to Responsible Use of the Geosphere considering the Impact on System Earth and Society.

We define the geosphere to be that portion of Earth system that includes Earth's interior, rocks, minerals and soils, landforms and the processes that shape the Earth's surface. Responsible use includes the activities related to exploration, exploitation and mitigation of natural and man-induced geo-hazards.

The department of Geoscience and Engineering (GSE) is inspired by the societal challenges posed by climate change, energy transition, and the need for resource security and a sustainable society in an urbanized delta. The research in our department can be characterized as inspired by applications, and fundamental in nature.

To meet the challenges of the future, GSE is expanding into new and exciting opportunities. To enable this, we are inviting highly motivated and talented academics to join our team. We seek colleagues that share our enthusiasm, vision, and ambition.

We have seven positions available for Assistant Professors in Geoscience & Engineering. We are looking for enthusiastic and collaborative colleagues to develop novel and innovative research themes. In addition we have openings for PhD and Post-doc researchers. You can find more information by clicking on the links below.