Our Philosophy

Our vision

It is our strong conviction that our research should contribute to:

Responsible Use of the Geosphere considering the Impact on System Earth and Society.

We define the geosphere to be that portion of system Earth that includes Earth's interior, rocks, minerals and soils, landforms and the processes that shape the Earth's surface. Responsible use includes the activities related to exploration, exploitation and mitigation of natural and man-induced geo-hazards.

We realize this vision by:

Inspiring our staff

to be curious, creative, and work in an open and positive atmosphere that stimulates collaboration, internally within the department and also externally.


fundamental, scientific and anticipative understanding of the natural processes and anthropogenic impact on system earth.

Being pioneers

in creating knowledge, skills and tools through collaborative research.

Disseminating knowledge

by educating the next generation engineers.

Actively engaging

in societal debate (e.g. influencers, stakeholders, general public).

Ensuring healthy finances