Student Projects

1.1 PhD students (co-promotor) (3)

  • Bas Hoonhout (Defence date 24PPPPthPPPP of March 2017) “Aeolian sediment availability and transport”
  • Do Anh (2014 – expected defence in 2018) “Hydrodynamics sediment transport and morphodynamics of typical delta coasts in Central Vietnam”
  • Matthijs Gawehn (2018-2022) “ Coastal Community Drone Laboraory”

1.2 PhD thesis committee member

  • Nickolas Cohn (Defence data 10PPPPthPPPP of May 2018) “From the Shoreface to the Foredunes: Coastal Morphodynamics Across the Land-Sea Interface”

1.3 Post-doc (2)

  • Howard Southgate (2016) “Forecasting techniques for coastline development”
  • Sander Vos (2016-present) “Laser scanning of coastal landscapes”

1.4 MSc students (31)

  • Vasiliki Eleni Kralli (2018, Msc thesis) “Investigation of the use of mega nourishment concept for combating erosion in the Cua Dai Beach”
  • Thijs van het Hooft (2018, Msc thesis) “Predicting the dune growth due to a mega nourishment by using an integrated hydro- aeolian- morpho- dynamicmodel”
  • Rob Schepper (2018, Msc thesis) “Shoreline modelling and observation”
  • Rik Hobbelen (2018, Msc thesis) “Mapping beach growth using terrestrial laser scanning”
  • Onne van de Graaf (2018, Msc thesis) “Design of Coastal landscape of the Slufter Texel”
  • Maria Georgiou (2018, Msc thesis) “Innovative Tidal Inlet Design”
  • Lars Fortuijn (2018, Msc thesis) “Coastal management at the Hondsbossche; Dunes The predictability of coastal dune areas regarding aeolian sediment transport and vegetation”
  • Jasper Verschuur (2018, Msc thesis) “The impact of uncertain Antarctic ice sheet dynamics for future coastal erosion; A probabilistic approach for a data-scarce environment in the Caribbean”
  • Bart van Westen (2018, Msc thesis) “Modelling coastal landscape development due to aeolian transport processes under supply limited conditions”
  • Nan Wang (2018, Msc thesis) “Unravelling the Sandy Shorelines Dynamics Derived from Satellite Images”
  • Thomas Cowan (2018, Msc thesis) “New Developments in Global Beach Erosion Assessment Improving Projections Using the DIVA Model“
  • Yongjing Mao (2018, Msc thesis) “Coastline evolution around African seaports – An evidence database from space”
  • Elly Diamantidou (2017, Msc thesis) “Assessment of the effects of nourishments on coastal state indicators using a Bayesian modelling approach”
  • Jannek Gundlach (2017, MSc thesis) “Set-Up of a Process based Model to Investigate the Outer Weser Estuary Development”
  • Panos Athanasiou (2017, MSc thesis) “Understanding the interactions between crescentic bars, human interventions and coastline dynamics at the East coast of South Korea”
  • Yichuan Gong (2017, MSc thesis) “Coastal dune behavior and the role of sediment supply in the aeolian system”
  • Rufus Velhorst (2017, MSc thesis) “Coupled modelled of marine and aeolian processes”
  • Marloes Wittebrood (2017, MSc thesis) “Aeolian sediment dynamics at the Hondsbosche and Pettemer Zeewering”
  • JanBert Aarnink (2017, MSc thesis) “Rapid Environmental assessment of coasts using drone images”
  • Bart Roest (2017, MSc thesis) “Sediment dynamics at the sand engine mega nourishment”
  • Gerben Hagenaars (2017, MSc thesis) “Accuracy assessment of coastline dynamics based on satellite images”
  • Sophie van Santen (2016, MSc thesis) “Towards engineering the ecosystem services of a mega-nourishment; A forecast of the ecosystem service dynamics of the Sand Motor”
  • Theo Fragkopoulos (2016, MSc. thesis) “Deriving a global identification tool of sandy beaches using satellite images”
  • Tom Janssen (2016, MSc thesis) “Coupled modelling of barrier island recovery.”
  • Robert de Boer (2015, MSc thesis), “Building-with-Nature Solutions for Hurricane Flood Risk Reduction in Galveston Bay – Texas.”
  • Kees Pruis (2011, MSc thesis), “Modelling decadal barrier island behaviour.”
  • Martijn Muller (2011, MSc thesis), “Process-based Modelling of Coastal Dune Development.”
  • Marion Coquet (2010, MSc thesis), “Aeolian transport on beach based on field measurements on the Dutch coast.”
  • Thijs Damsma (2009, MSc thesis), “Dune growth on natural and nourished beaches: ‘A new perspective’.
  • Bas van Son (2009, MSc thesis), “Monitoring and modelling nearshore morphodynamic behaviour on storm time scales.”
  • Jelle Jan Pieterse (2009, MSc thesis), “The influence of an Ecobeach PEM on beach development.”

1.5 BSc students (15)

  • Quentin van der Cam (2018), “Man made kite lagunes in het kustlandschap”
  • Mitchel Vlaar (2018), “CoastSnap NL”
  • Zilver de Iongh (2017), “The influence of sand mining on the coastal erosion of Ngapali, Myanmar”
  • Koen Broeders (2017), “Structure from motion in kustgebieden”
  • Etienne Kras (2016), “Tidal response development due to changing morphology in the Sand Engine Lagoon”
  • Rene de Koning (2016), “Sedimentation in the lagoon of the Sand Engine”
  • Sean Zandbergen (2016), “Sediment dynamics in the Sand Engine lagoon”
  • Anne Verheijen (2015), “Renewal water volume in the lagoon of the Sand Engine due to tidal flushing.”
  • Aaron Chow (2015), “Crowd sensing for coastal applications”
  • Remy van Maanen (2015), “Crowd sensing for coastal applications”
  • Jesse Simonse (2015), “Behaviour of the water flow in the Sand Engine access channel.”
  • ZsĂłfia Habetler (2014), “Variation of the water levels at the sand engine.”
  • Freek Gulden (2014), “Investigation of the behaviour of the basin area of the Sand Engine in time.
  • Martijn Kwant (2014), “Behaviour of the water flow in the access channel of the Sand Engine.”
  • Jasper Snoek (2014, in Dutch), “De invloed van de laatste ijstijd op verticale bodembeweginen in Nederland.”