Indoor Lab Facilities

The laboratory has a total surface area of 5000 m2. Within, a surface area of 1700 m2 is reserved for experiments. This area is supplied with electrical power and water. The total power available for operating is 500 kW. For the experiments requiring a fluid a total water flow capacity of 2.0 m3/s and a total capacity of reservoirs of 1200 m3 is provided.

Temporary setups

  • small wooden flumes for shallow erosion cases,
  • filter tank for open filter stability,
  • opening gates for dam-break flow simulation, glued rubble mound breakwater moels for in-depth study of porous flows
  • 3 rotating drums (width: 0.485 m, height: 0.24 m)  for education purposes.
  • and many more

Measuring Equipement

Measuring equipment for determining: fluid properties, water levels, (sand-)bed levels, discharges, wave heights, velocities (inclusive of turbulence characteristics), pressures, forces, motions, mud properties (physical, chemical and rheological).

Applying: 16- channel data-acquisition systems (simultaneous sampling), 2D & 3D Laser Doppler Velocimetry, traverse systems (1D, 2D, 3D), rheometer, Particle Image Velocimetry (large scale, 2D2C).

Overview Laboratory
5-meter morphological flume
3-m shallow flows flume
Overview Instruction Lab
Tilting flume
Short flume
Short flume
3D printer for modelling
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