The above figure depicts the organisational structure of the Transport & Planning Department. Our Management Team is responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations within the department. Serge Hoogendoorn is presently chair of the Management Team, while Oded Cats and Bart van Arem are co-chairs.

Overlab is the body of lab directors. During their meetings, directors share experiences and discuss issues related to running the labs, new calls and proposals in which they can collaborate. Rob Goverde is Overlab's chair.

The Management Team and/or Overlab can establish Taskforces to address strategic topics. Taskforces provide solicited and unsolicited advice to the MT on various issues. The taskforces are composed of a team of volunteers and tackle topics such as well-being and workload, social safety, knowledge security, and departmental organization.

The Research Labs are co-directed by two faculty members who hold the ranks of assistant, associate, or full professor. They are responsible for defining the lab's mission, strategic aims, and overall strategy, all of which are aligned with the department's overall mission.

The labs have the autonomy and the responsibility for organizing and funding their own research activities, including dissemination, as well as recruiting PhD candidates and postdocs. The labs develop funding strategies to best suit their domain, such as a greater focus on either application-oriented or more fundamental research and associated funding opportunities.