Track Traffic and Transport Engineering

In densely populated countries worldwide, like the Netherlands, daily life is spoiled by extensive traffic gridlock, pervasive air pollution, frequent traffic accidents, and chronically delayed public transportation. The field of Traffic and Transport Engineering equips you with the skills to play a pivotal role in addressing these critical issues.

Within this track, you will master the art of creating ingenious engineering solutions to tackle a spectrum of traffic and transport-related challenges. These encompass but are not limited to resolving traffic congestion, curbing air pollution, rejuvenating aging infrastructure, reducing traffic accidents, and optimising punctuality in public transport. Simultaneously, you will remain forward-thinking by addressing emerging societal trends, such as growing urbanisation, sustainability imperatives, the preservation of vital infrastructure networks, the management of fluctuating transport demands, harnessing automation and connectivity, and the seamless integration of flexible transport systems and services such as shared mobility.

Key features

➨ Planning, design, operation, assessment and management of roads, railways, transport systems and their related networks.
➨ Develop engineering solutions to transportation-related problems by associating human behaviour with traffic and transport management, network performance and road and rail infrastructure quality.

| Highlighted Student Stories

A match made in heaven

Every opinion counts! But how can Dutch Rail (NS) accommodate to the wishes of a wide range of train travellers when creating the perfect match between bike use and public transport? Master student Civil Engineering Simone Hoskam was happy to tackle this real-life transportation challenge. In the end she presented Dutch rail company NS with some straightforward recommendations to make the relationship between bike and train an even happier one.

Keep on Track: Testing the Lines

It’s a drizzly late afternoon and you’re driving home. The rain stops and as you negotiate the next bend the rays of the setting sun hit you straight in the eyes. Dazzled, you try to keep the car from veering off but it’s not easy. Suddenly you feel the car’s lane-keeping system kicking in. Phew, that was close...

TU Delft is world leading university in the area of Transportation Science and Technology and is ranked 6th in 2023 by Global Shanghai Ranking: Academic Subjects.

Learn more about the views and the research results of our (former) MSc students. Check out their blogs, articles and podcasts relating to traffic and transport, in Professor Niels van Oort’s WeBlog.