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Programme related information for admission

Bachelor students with various profiles may be admitted, provided the applicant has sufficient competences at undergraduate level in most of the following seven themes:

  • Materials (commonly used civil engineering materials, resources, life cycle, microstructure, physical and mechanical behaviour, sustainability and durability, production)
  • Geo-engineering (soil characteristics, groundwater, geomechanics, strength of soils, foundations, retaining structures and slopes)
  • Structures (design and verification of civil engineering structures in steel and concrete, general construction technology)
  • Fluids (characteristics and properties of fluids, hydrostatics, kinematics, balance equations of mass, volume, momentum and energy, flows around bodies or walls, gradually varying flows in open channels, waves, tides)
  • Mechanics (statics, solid mechanics, structural analysis, dynamics of civil engineering structures)
  • Transport (design of transport infrastructures (road, rail), transport and traffic modelling)
  • Mathematics (calculus, linear algebra, probability and statistics, numerical methods)

In addition, previous knowledge in computer programming (Python (preferred), Matlab, C++) is also expected. And as the programme is taught in English, an adequate level of English language skills (level C1) is essential.

Students holding a bachelor degree in Civil Engineering from either Delft University of Technology or University of Twente are directly admissible. Applicants with other Dutch bachelor's degrees in technical sciences can apply for admission but may be required to follow a bridging programme (restrictions apply; please check our brochure, section pre-master).

We offer two short self-paced online courses for students that need to learn (or want to catch up on) Python and/or Probability and Statistics.

On Internet, additional educational resources are available that maybe relevant for students interested in improving their knowledge in the seven themes mentioned above in relation to admission. An overview of such resources can be found here.

Note for applicants with a non-Dutch bachelor degree

For information on how to apply, please check this page of our website.

Apart from what is mentioned there, applicants should have a strong command of the English language. Therefore, a minimal English Speaking subscore of IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL 22 is strongly recommended.

Admission of students with a non-Dutch bachelor degree is based on knowledge and skills as substantiated by their (expected) diploma (and corresponding transcript) as well as motivation and, when applicable, relevant experience. Bridging programmes are not available for students with a non-Dutch bachelor degree but they can enroll for the aforementioned short online courses.

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