Bridging the gap between theory and practice

Our collaborative labs are at the heart of our research efforts. These labs work closely with both public and private entities in the field. This collaboration bridges the gap between theoretical research and practical application.

Within our Transport & Planning Department we distinguish between two types of labs. In methodological labs, the horizonal bars in the figure below, we develop and employ β€˜tools’ such as sensing, data analytics, modelling, simulation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. The outcomes of these labs – cutting-edge methods and technologies – help our thematic labs, vertical bars in the figure below, to focus on specific modes of transportation and/or societal challenges. 

Typically, labs are co-directed by two assistant, associate, or full professors. Moreover, they encompass a team of PhD candidates, postdocs, and other academic staff engaged in the associated research domain.

Overview of the twelve Transport & Planning Research Labs, distinguishing between vertical (thematic) labs and horizontal (methodological) labs.