Data Analytics and Traffic Simulation Lab

We find transportation a fascinating phenomenon. Without it, society as we know it is simply not possible. But transportation is also a big contributor to some of the largest problems on our planet today. The mission of DiTTLAB is to bring together students, researchers and practitioners from multiple disciplines to work with large amounts of data to develop the knowledge, models and tools to unravel, estimate and predict the complex and dynamic travel and traffic patterns, to support the design and management  of efficient, safe, and sustainable transportation systems. Our mission is to explore the underlying transport research questions on the interface of (big) data, network modeling and simulation, and to do so along several key principles.

We believe in open science and in open-sourcing the tools and techniques we develop. We believe in an open and stimulating work place, where collaboration is valued as much as individual excellence, and in which talent and diversity is recognised and celebrated. We value creative conceptualists, practical engineers, skeptical theorists, thoughtful experimentalists, mathematical wizards and computational geeks, because they all have invaluable knowledge and skills to offer. We believe in trust and a strong sense of community. We believe that making mistakes is a crucial driver for learning and that every one learns differently. We believe that doing research means learning together and thus sharing both successes and mistakes. Finally, we are engineers as much as we are scientists. We want our research to have impact. We want our models and tools to support a transition to safer, cleaner and more efficient transport systems.