Bootcamp ‘Circular Economy’ in Milan

News - 08 April 2019 - Circular Built Environment Hub

Circular Built Environment experts of BK Bouwkunde together with colleagues of Politecnico Di Milano MIP Graduate School of Business delivered the bootcamp ‘Circular Economy’ for international MBA students. The main themes discussed were circular cities, critical materials and innovative circular solutions. ARUP and Intesa Sanpaolo joined as part of the CBE TU Delft - Ellen MacArthur Foundation CE100 partnership .

The thinking space for the bootcamp was circular cities and the period between now and 2050. By 2050, 75% of the population will be living in cities. And that population is rapidly rising. Cities are the driver of economic growth, and currently 85% of global GDP is created by cities.

During the bootcamp, the opportunities and barriers in the transition towards a more circular system were explored and leading case studies were discussed. The participants not only learnt about what is going on, but were also challenged to develop innovative business models.

The bootcamp ‘Circular Economy’ took place from 25 February until 1 March in Milan.