NRP Master Awards 2019 for BK alumni

News - 05 December 2019 - Communication BK

Mary Lou van den Berg received the NRP Master Award for her thesis on adaptive reuse of shared heritage in the city centre of Bandung, Indonesia. The second and third prizes were received by BK alumni Ditte Gerding and Tessa Persoon, respectively.

The project by Mary Lou van den Berg offers an holistic approach and makes use of passive climate strategies in colonial buildings. Chair of the jury Eva Hermans (DNB): “The combination of societal functionalities, education, and local industry offers a viable scenario for the now-empty building. Moreover, this combination can lead to interesting cross-overs. The attention to detail and the way Mary Lou visualised the project were impressive. Her approach to adaptive reuse is also suitable for the Netherlands.”

BK alumna Ditte Gerding was awarded the second prize for her thesis on minimising building waste through designing for disassembly. Additionally, the third prize was awarded to BK alumna Tessa Persoon for her thesis on the indirect economic added value of adaptive re-use of cultural heritage. Read the full jury report by NRP here.

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From left to right: Ditte Gerding, Bert Krol (chairman NRP), Mary Lou van den Berg, Ernst van der Leij (jury member/Brink Management Advies), and Tessa Persoon. Image by NRP