TU Delft publishes vision on Climate Action

News - 10 April 2019 - Communication

The climate is changing and this is something we shall have to deal with. In what way TU wants to contribute is written down in a vision paper published today.


The political and public debates on the Dutch climate plans have started. This is a good thing, because everyone in society will experience the consequences of climate policy. This debate will, however, yield the most when it is based on facts and knowledge and when it accounts for the important societal and ethical issues of responsibility and justice.

Three pillars

TU Delft wants to provide a scientific basis for the debate on climate plans. In the vision document, we will outline the TU Delft position on climate science (providing insight into what is actually happening with the climate, based on measurements and models), and describe avenues for mitigation (the prevention of climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions) and adaptation (adapting to ongoing and future in the climate).

Climate Action programme

In the 177e Dies Natalis-celebration on January 11th, Climate Action was the main theme. This vision document moves forward from topics discussed during the symposium, which took place in the morning, and the official ceremony in the afternoon, and serves as a start for a broad TU Delft Climate Action programme. This programme is the result of the continuous effort of all Delft scientists involved either directly or indirectly in climate change research.

More information

The document can be found at www.tudelft.nl/en/tu-delft-climate-institute/tu-delft-position-on-climate-action/, or downloaded as


Contact: science information officer TU Delft Roy Meijer, +31 15 2781751, r.e.t.meijer@tudelft.nl