The KNAW fund for project MiMo

News - 12 May 2020 - Webredactie CiTG

The project MiMo – Misi Monitoring received funding from KNAW (Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen) for a Dutch – Indonesian collaboration on geothermal energy. It will be led by Assistant Professor Maren Brehme in a strong cooperation with the TBM faculty.

The project is a collaborative mission to foster scientific collaboration in the field of geothermal energy between Indonesia and the Netherlands. Both social and technical challenges have caused a slow-down in growth of geothermal energy development in many parts of the world in recent years. In order to enhance the exploitation of the enormous potential we will tackle two major challenges in interdisciplinary teams:

  1. A better assessment of the subsurface prior to drilling and during operation through exploration and monitoring.
  2. A better understanding about the public perception of the technology.