TU Delft COVID-19 Response Fund

Join us in supporting our researchers and students who are helping to combat coronavirus

The COVID-19 virus is creating a major impact worldwide with huge  consequences for healthcare and day-to-day life. On the TU Delft campus, life has never been this quiet. But the calm on the surface is highly deceptive. In many different ways we are collaborating to combat the corona virus.

Students and researchers in Delft are working hard to make a contribution to combating this virus and improving care for patients. This includes enabling face masks for safe re-use, developing a ventilator that can be produced at speed and co-creating an online platform where professional supply and demand can meet.

TU Delft and Delft University Fund wholeheartedly support these initiatives. In order to make this possible, the TU Delft COVID-19 Response Fund has been established. The fund is being used to provide rapid financial support to researchers and students, ensuring no valuable time is wasted.

Combating the corona virus together

By donating to thhe TU Delft COVID-19 Response Fund, you too can make an important contribution. Your donation will provide immediate support to our researchers and students combating this crisis. Make sure you keep a close eye on the list of involved projects below as this webpage will be regularly updated.

Thanks to donations from TU Delft alumni and donors of Delft University Fund, 31 projects have already received support from the TU Delft COVID-19 Response Fund. 

Overview of the supported projects

While work goes on behind the scenes to enable teaching and academic life to continue, we are witnessing some great examples of researchers and students applying their Delft inventiveness and can-do mentality in an effort to help others. We’re proud of the people at TU Delft who are making a contribution to combating the corona crisis!

― Professor Tim van der Hagen, TU Delft Rector Magnificus/President of the Executive Board

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