Georgios Andreadis: TU Delft Best Graduate

News - 17 November 2020

Today, at the online TU Delft Best Graduate Award Ceremony 2020, eight recently graduated engineers presented their research and results of their excellent master thesis. Georgios Andreadis, graduate of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science received the prestigious title TU Delft Best Graduate 2020. Georgios researched the capacity planning of data centers. Thanks to his research, these data centers may continue to meet the ever-growing computational demands while reducing their operational costs and increasing their efficiency and environmental sustainability.

I feel very honoured to have my work recognized with this award. Especially after seeing all the inspiring research projects from the other Best Graduates!

― Georgios Andreadis

'Georgios is a unique talent'

Prof. Rob Mudde, Vice Rector Magnificus /Vice President Education, and Chairman TU Delft Best Graduate Jury: 'Georgios Andreadis is a unique talent whose thesis comprises everything and more we would hope to see from our graduate students. Georgios’s academic work led to a very practical tool, that may well become an international standard. His work also led to no less than two scientific publications in a renowned journal – of which he was the first author as well. That is a rare, perhaps even unique achievement for a Dutch Masters’ student. He graduated with a perfect 10, and his thesis will now serve as an enlightening example and a benchmark for future Computer Science graduates.'

Firm groud for cloud datacentre planning

'Just like the roads that provide access to them and the dikes that protect them, cloud datacentres have become an essential part of our national, and worldwide, infrastructure', says Georgios. It was a first-year’s course on Computer Organisation that sparked Andreadis’s interest into the architecture of computer systems and how to manage them efficiently. It eventually led him to pursue his master’s degree in the @Large Research group of Alexandru Iosup, professor at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and, previously, the lecturer for that course. His group is specialised in computer systems for which the resources, users, or workloads are massive in nature. Georgios developed the Capelin tool, which supports capacity planners dealing with new hardware. Thanks to his research, we will be able to meet the ever-increasing demand for computing power more cheaply, more efficiently and more sustainably in the future. Many organizations, from industry to scientific institutes, have expressed an interest in Capelin to be part of their planning process as soon as the software becomes available.

TU Delft Best Graduate Award Ceremony 2020

All eight Best Graduates receive the Best Graduate Medal and Certificate of Excellence in recognition of their graduation work, personal dedication, study results and the way in which they achieved these. In addition, they receive a personal prize of 1,000 euro. Besides the statuette 'Towards a bright future', Georgios receives a new laptop offered by Dell. All Best Graduates also receive a KIVI membership. Read the stories of Georgios Andreadis and the other seven nominees here:

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