NWO-Veni grant for 4 researchers of TNW faculty

News - 16 December 2021 - Communication TNW

NWO has awarded Veni grants to four researchers from the TNW faculty, with funding of up to 250,000 euros per grant. This will enable these researchers to further develop their own research ideas over a period of three years. 

The four Veni laureates from the TNW faculty will carry out research into a new microscope that can view electricity, magnetism and temperature, the coupling of two quantum states, unconventional superconductivity and a new method to create on-chip quantum networks. A brief explanation of the studies is given below:

Understanding emergent quantum states atom-by-atom
Coupling two quantum states creates new electronic properties. In his research Koen Bastiaans, from the department of Quantum Nanoscience, couples individual atoms on an exotic superconductor, allowing him to watch while the new properties emerge. This research provides new insight into superconductivity.

Engineered topological quantum networks
In her research, Eliska Greplova uses insights from topology for a new way of engineering on-chip quantum networks. With these novel devices, quantum information can be distributed without detrimental effects from quantum noise, which is needed to scale up quantum technologies.

Smart microscopes to see the quantum world
What if we could see electricity, magnetism, and temperature, all at the same time? Kaveh Lahabi will develop a novel microscope to make this possible at the atomic scale, and unveil the hidden quantum phenomena that shape our world.

Investigating unconventional superconductivity in layered, magnetic, quantum materials
Superconductivity with spin-triplet paring is of critical importance for fundamental physics and application of superconducting circuits, but the explicit investigation is challenging and under debate. Yaojia Wang makes use of new layered, magnetic topological materials to investigate an unconventional superconducting state.

The Veni is awarded annually by the Dutch Research Council (NWO). Together with Vidi and Vici, Veni is part of the NWO Talent Programme. Veni is aimed at excellent researchers who have recently gained their PhDs. Within the Talent Programme researchers are free to submit their own subject for funding.

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