TU Delft launches Tech for Health

Better healtcare thanks to Delft technology

News - 05 March 2021

Today, TU Delft launches Tech for Health | Better healthcare thanks to Delft technology. The university is shining a spotlight on its research innovations that contribute to the improvement of healthcare, especially in countries like The Netherlands. This research often involves collaboration with medical institutes such as Erasmus MC in Rotterdam and LUMC in Leiden. TU Delft alumni are invited to meet the scientists behind this exciting research and are asked to contribute to their important work.

Tim van der Hagen, Rector Magnificus TU Delft: “Our researchers and students are leading the field in countless technological innovations. This includes innovations in health and healthcare. Healthcare in the Netherlands is of an extremely high quality, but it is under pressure due to increasing demand and rising costs. The coronavirus crisis has shown us just how fragile our healthcare system can be. It needs to become more efficient and more effective, and this is where Delft technology is set to make a real impact. We are working closely with medical centres and seeing unimaginable innovations become reality due to research at the intersection of both technology and medicine.

Seven ground-breaking and illustrative research projects symbolize the many unique innovations and collaborations taking place within TU Delft and collaborating medical centers. Examples include Marcel Reinders who contributes to understanding Alzheimer's disease through big data and Richard Goossens who has started an innovation process that will turn the concept of the consultation room upside down.

For better healthcare in the Netherlands

With Tech for Health, the university not only involves the TU Delft alumni community with research in the field of healthcare, but it also fuels the belief that technology can make the difference. Via a combined fundraising effort, these scientist are given the opportunity to expand labs, increase research capacity and ultimately accelerate their progress. We are joining forces for better healthcare in the Netherlands. View the seven research projects below.

Bringing together technology, medicine and the social sciences is a necessary step towards a healthier future

― Prof.dr. Ernst Kuipers, Voorzitter Raad van Bestuur, Erasmus MC

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