Architectural Education in Times of Uncertainty Symposium successfully completed

News - 29 November 2022 - Circular Built Environment Hub

What will the future of education look like for complex issues such as circularity? How does complexity -and by extent uncertainty- affect the way we learn? And what is the educators' task? Over the course of three days and seven sessions, more than thirty speakers tried to address these issues in round-table discussions and structured exchanges. 

This first day of the symposium focused on the current status quo in circular education while the second focused on learning and pedagogy. A special session by the EAAE on the third day brought forward intentions, concepts, and positions about SDGs in architectural education and research, interlinking to conditions, circumstances, and challenges faced by institutions.

To get a taste of our speakers' contributions, watch some of their short interviews on the BK YouTube channel.

A publication consolidating the points exchanged in the Architectural Education in Times of Uncertainty Symposium will be made available soon.

Photos and videos by Marcel Bilow.