Educational resources for circularity

News - 28 September 2022 - Circular Built Environment Hub

Two new educational resources have been made available that can support educators in teaching for and about circularity in their course(s) and help them provide their students with relevant learning materials. Both learning environments are completely open and accessible to all educators worldwide but also to anyone interested in circularity. 

Circularity for Educators - online platform for sharing expertise

Circularity for Educators is a module containing educational resources in the form of videos, images, diagrams and additional related resources. All new video content is released in the form of Open Educational Resources (OERs) with Creative Commons (CC) licenses and can be integrated in various courses directly.

Visit the Circularity for Educators platform

Educators for circularity – online platform for sharing experiences

This platform provides with opportunities to connect with colleagues and experts, share knowledge, insights and best practice, learn from experiences and inspire innovation and new ways of working.
You can monitor or participate in active discussions or even curate your own discussion topic on the platform.

Visit the Educators for Circularity platform

Both resources have been produced by the Circular Impulse Initiative, a project initiated by the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at TU Delft and supported by the Circular Built Environment Hub, with the aim of enhancing the integration of circularity in the Faculty’s curricula. For more information please visit the Circular Built Environment Hub website.