Housing crisis and housing concepts for senior citizens

News - 12 January 2022 - Communication BK

Recently, the role of elderly residents in the housing crisis is hotly debated in the Netherlands. Undoubtedly, more housing would become available if elderly residents would (or could) move to a smaller dwelling. But what do they actually aspire to? What are their housing needs and dilemmas? How can new housing concepts based on sharing and collectivity contribute to the solution? And how can these homes be developed and designed to match the needs of seniors?

In order to better map out these issues, a grant is awarded from the Stimuleringsfonds creatieve industrie. In this way, action-oriented research is conducted with groups of senior in the Tanthof district of Delft and translate the outcomes into concrete design strategies.

More information

Together with the partners  Gemeente Delft and Inbo architecten, Darinka Czischke and Marije Peute were awarded a grant as part of the competition 'Vital cities and towns'.

The project group consist of TU Delft, Gemeente Delft and Inbo architecten. They are also looking for partners who are interested in developing housing in co-creation with elderly residents, so a better housing flow can be stimulated in Delft.

Curious about this project? Do you have something to contribute? Follow the Project Together website or send a message to Marije Peute.