The success of the Aerospace Innovation Hub: ‘It’s fantastic to see companies take off’

News - 26 April 2022

From satellites that are launched into outer space from an aeroplane to predicting ticket prices based on an algorithm: the companies that are part of the Aerospace Innovation Hub (AIH) at the TU Delft Campus are developing groundbreaking innovations in the area of aviation and aerospace. Femke Verdegaal, a member of management with shared responsibility for the growth of the initiative, talks about bringing together industry, science, start-ups, and students with the aim of promoting innovation in aviation and aerospace. ‘We really function as a springboard.’

‘There was a need for a location for the further development of innovations’, says Verdegaal regarding the start in 2020. ‘When the space on top became available in the faculty, we were able to create such a location. We believe that co-operation leads to the best innovations. And we are more than glad to encourage such co-operation here.’ The community has 36 startups, 14 of which have offices at the Aerospace Innovation Hub. Dream teams AeroDelft and Tumbleweed are also based there.