QuTech, Eurofiber and Juniper Networks partner to deploy a Quantum testbed

News - 06 July 2022 - Webredactie Communication

QuTech, Eurofiber and Juniper Networks have launched a Quantum testbed connecting several datacenter locations in The Netherlands. This testbed enables, amongst other applications of quantum cryptography, a way for partners to explore secure communications based on the fundamental laws of quantum physics. The testbed is open for new partners to join and co-explore quantum technology's possibilities.

Securing communication with quantum technology

As the number of cyber-crime incidents is increasing, concern has risen fuelled by the advent of quantum computing, data that is secured with today's standard cryptography methods are potentially under threat. Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) is a technology that distributes a data encryption key by using quantum effects in such a way that it is more secure against wiretapping attacks. Today and in the future, QKD helps protect data from potential future quantum computer attacks and is believed to play an essential role in securing networks with high-value data, such as critical infrastructure, governmental, police and justice department and financial data.

QuTech—a collaboration between the TU Delft and TNO—has developed the specific MDI-QKD technology on which the testbed is based. MDI-QKD (measurement device-independent QKD) offers a range of advantages in security and cost-efficiency when building larger networks compared to existing point-to-point QKD.

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QuTech communications manager: Frank Wetters, +31 6 53 78 23 57, F.J.Wetters@tudelft.nl