Student numbers at TU Delft stable

News - 10 November 2022 - Webredactie Communication

In October, the number of students at TU Delft was 27,824, which was approximately the same as in October of the previous year (27,933). The number of students that registered at TU Delft for the first time (the influx) was 8,651, which represented a decrease of approximately 6% in comparison to the previous year. 


The decreased influx applied to Bachelor’s as well as Master’s students and to national as well as international students. Compared to the previous study year, 150 fewer Bachelor’s students and 373 fewer Master’s students registered for the first time at TU Delft. There was also a decrease in the influx of Bachelor’s students the previous year. One of the reasons for this decrease is the decrease in the number of 18-year-olds in the Netherlands, an age group that will continue to decrease in the coming years.  

The top-5 countries responsible for the influx of international students were once again China, India, Romania, Italy, and Spain. The ratio between the influx from Europe (EER) and from elsewhere remained about the same.

Annual numbers

Each year in October, the VSNU (Association of Universities in the Netherlands) calculates the provisional numbers for the influx and population of students in the area of scientific education. TU Delft uses 1 December as the reference date to determine the definitive numbers in this regard.