Carola Hein honoured with the Open Education Ambassador Award

News - 08 March 2023 - Communication BK

On 7 March, in the occasion of Open Education Week 2023, eight TU Delft lecturers received the award in recognition of their commitment to openly share knowledge and educational resources with the world. From our Faculty professor Carola Hein received the Award.

The awardees, who promote open practices and are also active in online education with their MOOCs, received the accolade in a ceremony at the Teaching Lab in the presence of colleagues, deans and directors of education.

Carola Hein

For contributing to openness through the MOOCs (Re)Imagining Port Cities: Understanding Space, Society & Culture, and Water Works: Activating Heritage for Sustainable Development. In addition to publishing the course materials under an open licence, Carola encourages learners to post their final assignments as a blog on the public site Port City Futures and to share photos taken during the course in both Sketchdrive and WeLikeSharing (a TU Delft public image library), thus promoting a wider access to knowledge and resources for the whole word to (re)use. Moreover, for her steadfast advocacy of open practices in various contexts, most recently with the open book Oil Spaces: Exploring the Global Petroleumscape, and as UNESCO Chair Water, Ports & Historic Cities.

Other TU Delft Award winners

Annemiek van Boeijen – faculty of Industrial Design Engineering
Arjo Loeve – faculty of Mechanical, Maritime & Materials Engineering
Bart van den Dries – faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics & Computer Science
Carmine Varriale – faculty of Aerospace Engineering
Doris van Halem – faculty of Civil Engineering & Geosciences
Rachel Benchaya Gans – faculty of Technology, Policy & Management
Timon Idema – faculty of Applied Sciences

Each nominee remarked on their wish to continue to share knowledge and best practices inside and outside TU Delft and across departments and disciplines, in this way both inspiring others and positively affecting learners around the world. They also recognised and were grateful for the  collaborative efforts and contributions of individuals in their course teams, the faculty coordinators and the online learning developers.

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Header image: left to right: Loeve, Van Valkenburg, Carriale, Idema, Van Boeijen, Van den Dries, Hein, and Van Halem (Gans joined online)