Empowering energy-sustainable buildings through AI-driven decision-making

News - 10 November 2023

TU Delft researchers at AiDAPT Lab are involved in the ā€œDeveloping Energy Communities with Intelligent and Sustainable Technologiesā€ project (DE-CIST). DE-CIST is supported by the ICLEI Action fund 2.0 and backed by a 1 million Euro grant from Google.org through ICLEI Europe. The project is dedicated to gathering and exploiting comprehensive data on building energy performance and retrofit, merging it with meteorological, air quality, emission, and socio-economic data.

The DE-CIST project is a collaborative effort involving TU Delft, Erasmus University of Rotterdam, the Institute of Housing and Urban Development Studies, the Resilient Delta Initiative, the Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics, and the City of Rotterdam. Within this ambitious initiative, the AiDAPT Lab (part of the TU Delft AI Labs & Talent programme) aims to craft cutting-edge AI solutions enabling intelligent decision-making for building energy retrofit solution packages. These solutions are designed to transform the city of Rotterdam by integrating a rich variety of data, including imagery, building simulations, social insights, and climate data. The overarching goal is to shape a sustainable future for our urban planning environments.

At the helm of the AI lab are directors Dr. Charalampos Andriotis and Dr. Seyran Khademi, who will develop the novel solutions along with a dedicated team comprising Postdoc Dr. Pablo Morato and PhD Anna Maria Koniari, with the advisory support by Dr.ir. Alexander Koutamanis. Together, they are delving into the realms of computer vision and probabilistic decision-making. Their mission is to develop intelligent systems that will empower stakeholders, including citizens and policymakers, to make smarter and more sustainable choices for energy efficiency at the building and city levels.

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