Irene Dedoussi Fellow of the Netherlands Academy of Engineering

News - 09 November 2023

Associate Professor of Atmospheric Impacts of Aviation, Dr Irene Dedoussi, has been elected a Fellow of the Netherlands Academy of Engineering (NAE). This makes her a member of a 'select group of distinguished professionals who stand out for their outstanding achievements in the engineering domain, the high impact of their work, and their inspiring leadership in the context of the major societal transitions facing the Netherlands and the world'. On Monday 13 November, the official inauguration will take place in The Hague. The NAE will then actually launch. 

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In May 2023, the establishment of a new, independent and publicly funded Netherlands Academy of Engineering (NAE) was announced. Objective of the NAE: to bring together top experts from knowledge institutions and business in the Netherlands in the field of technological sciences, applied engineering research and product development. They will work to ‘stimulate an innovation climate that generates social and economic value by providing engineering-based solutions to major societal issues while offering new business and export opportunities’. The appointment of the 62 fellows effectively launches the NAE.

Members include more experts from TU Delft, including Rector Magnificus Tim van der Hagen and Dean of Applied Sciences, Paulien Herder.

Read the press release and more background on the NAE.