Caspar Chorus and Han Derkx pioneers for TU Delft innovation campus Rotterdam

News - 15 September 2023 - Webredactie Communication

Earlier this year, TU Delft announced its statement of intent to launch new educational, research and innovation activities in Rotterdam and to meet an increasing number of engineers. This statement of intent is now a concrete ambition of the university and will be further shaped by a programme team in the coming period. Essentially, the strategy includes the exploration and development of new programmes in terms of content and the related research and innovation activities, in order to develop a new TU Delft knowledge ecosystem appropriate for Rotterdam.

Delft University of Technology contributes to solving urgent societal challenges. This increasingly involves complex, and often interlocking, transitions. Transition matters in areas such as energy, raw materials, the living environment, and care and well-being are closely intertwined. Expanding our contributions to these transitions is central to the growth strategy.

Caspar Chorus (dean of the Faculty of Industrial Design) and Han Derkx (former ICT director) have been appointed as pioneers for TU Delft Innovation Campus in Rotterdam. They will now set to work on the ambitions that have been formulated in order to explore and realise the options for TU Delft in Rotterdam. Their appointment is a first step towards the formation of a programme team tasked by the Executive Board with coordinating and developing TU Delft’s intended activities in Rotterdam.