Introducing Exhale, a social living room powered by X

News - 28 November 2023 - Communication


Curious about what is happening behind the fences in West Square? We may finally reveal it to you!

Exhale, a social living room powered by X, has been under construction since late November in the backyard at X. Given the multifaceted challenges students are facing - from academic pressures to the complexities of navigating social connections and the impact of Corona - this project was designed on behalf of TU Delft, with the help of NPO funds to support and encourage students to make social connections.

A social living room, creative studio and mindfulness studio
We are excited to introduce Exhale, a social living room powered by X, a project providing a welcoming, warm environment where social connection and relaxation are central. Exhale responds to the urgent need for mental, emotional and social support and is therefore free to all TU Delft students.

Exhale will temporarily take up residence in a beautiful building at X in the West Square. The building will consist of a social living room where people can be together and a creative studio where they can create and discover alongside creative experts. Workshops, events and get-togethers will be organized in the context of connection and relaxation.

Opening and Exhale Weeks
The opening of Exhale will take place on the 19th of January! From then on, the 'social living room powered by X' will be open seven days a week for all TU Delft students to relax, get together and recharge.

After the exams and holidays in January/February, the first of four Exhale Weeks will be organised from the 12th of February: a week full of events, workshops and activities. Throughout the full duration of Exhale, activities and events will take place twice a week and the Creative Studio will be open every evening from 17:00.

If you have ideas for co-creation or know of an association that could use Exhale as a co-creation space, then get in touch with our programme-makers Kerrin, Mimi and Andreea at

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Stay up to date via @ready_to_exhale on Instagram and the website. We hope to see you there in 2024!