Coming soon: Exhale, a social living room powered by X

News - 16 October 2023 - Communication

Perhaps you've already seen them: the black fences on West Square. Behind the scenes, there's work going into setting up Exhale.

After observing how the daily lives and desires of students drastically changed during the COVID lockdowns, X put its ear to the ground. One of the initial insights was that students need a space where they can relax, study, and get together. In response to the gathered information, X initiated Exhale: a social living room, creative studio, and mindfulness studio, all under one roof.

Exhale is a place to escape from the pressures of productivity culture, and simply be. This space can be a very welcome oasis for students looking to unwind, reduce stress, and enjoy activities they genuinely love. When Exhale opens its doors, it will temporarily offer a free programme accessible to all young people studying at TU Delft.

Want to know more? Stay updated through @ready_to_exhale and website. For specific questions for the Exhale team, email