Share&Care: Open conversations on the situation in the Middle East

News - 25 October 2023 - Communication

The events in the Middle East deeply affect many of us. In these times of uncertainty and major events, it's crucial that we listen, share, and console one another. Therefore, we invite you to join our Share&Care programme.

We can relate that the current global situation occupies your mind and there is a desire to share thoughts and feelings. With the Share&Care living-room sessions we aim to give you platform to share feelings and hope related to the latest situation in the Middle East.

The weekly meetups will be hosted by Rachel Snip and Rohany Amat and from 20:00- 21:30 h in the Livingroom at X (Freetown) on Tuesday 31 October and 14 November. Rachel and Rohany are there to facilitate a safe environment and to help you reflect on the possible emotions and feelings you may experience and maybe help you to cope from a distance with the situation.

Given the intimate nature of this gathering, we have limited spots available to ensure a safe and meaningful experience for everyone. You don’t have to enrol, entry is upon and there’s no obligation in attending both evenings.