Council of Professors

The Council of Professors consists of a panel of experienced professors employed at TU Delft. The Council of Professors advises the Executive Board on TU Delft. The Council of Professors is responsible for advising the Executive Board on matters pertaining to academic staff quality control. The Executive Board asks the Council of Professors for advice primarily in relation to proposals for opening up vacancies for professor positions, via both through closed and open procedures. The recommendations by the Council of Professors are not binding.


  • Herman Russchenberg (CEG) (chairman)


  • Prof.dr. Catherine Pappas (AS)
  • Prof.dr. Pieter Jan Stappers (IDE)
  • Fred van Keulen (3mE) (vice-chairman)
  • Marijn Janssen (TPM)
  • Geurt Jongbloed (EEMCS)
  • Andy van den Dobbelsteen (A+BE)
  • Prof.dr. Marileen Dogterom (AS)


  • Drs. Meike Blokland (Council HR)