Supervisory Board

The Executive Board  is accountable to the Supervisory Board, which is appointed by the Minister of Education, Culture and Science. The Supervisory Board supervises the tasks and authority carried out by the Executive Board. In addition, the supervisory board has a number of duties set down by law. Read more in The Delft Supervisory Board Regulations.

The Supervisory Board consists of five members, who are appointed, suspended, or dismissed by the Minister of Education, Culture and Science. Members are appointed for a period of four years, and may be reappointed once for a further four years. The Secretary General of the University is also secretary to the Supervisory Board and its committees.


The Board has three committees: the Audit Committee, the Teaching and Research Quality Assurance Committee, and the Appointments and Remuneration Committee.

The members of the Supervisory Board are:

  • ir. J. van der Veer (including former CEO of Shell) 
  • ir. H.L. Wachters (partner at Eden McCallum)
  • Prof. dr. L.L.G. Soete (including honorary professor at the School of Business and Economics at Maastricht University and a professorial fellow at UNU-MERIT)
  • Drs. G. de Zoeten RC (CFO InchCape)
  • Drs. C.G. Gehrels (European Cities Director and City Executive Amsterdam/Rotterdam Arcadis)

Rotation schedule

  • ir. J. van der Veer, chair, appointed until 1 July 2021, 2nd term
  • ir. H.L. Wachters, appointed until 1 January 2025, 1st term
  • Drs. G. de Zoeten RC, appointed until 1 May 2020, 1st term
  • Drs. C.G. Gehrels, appointed until 1 June 2023, 2nd term
  • Prof. dr. L.L.G. Soete, appointed until 1 May 2021, 1st term