The team

The team of confidential advisors is available to all TU Delft staff, students external doctoral candidates and guests. The team consists of six internal confidential advisors and one external confidential advisor. Below, they introduce themselves. 

Confidential advisors academic integrity

Bernard Dam

My name is Bernard Dam. I am one of the two internal confidential advisors that are available to staff, students and guests of TU Delft who have questions or concerns related to academic integrity. All conversations with me are strictly confidential. Primarily, I will try to give advice on how you might handle the issue. Without your consent, I will not take any kind of action; you remain in charge.

I am a professor of Chemical Engineering in the Faculty of Applied Sciences and director of the e-Refinery Institute. If you are already connected to me in your work, and you have a question about scientific integrity, it would be wise to contact my colleague Jenny Dankelman.

Contact: Prof. dr. Bernard Dam can be reached by phone at +31 15 2784342, and by e-mail at Languages: Dutch, English and German.

Jenny Dankelman

My name is Jenny Dankelman, I am one of the internal confidential advisors who have academic integrity as a special area of concern. If you run into questions in this area in the course of your work or studies, you can discuss these with me in a confidential conversation. I am happy to support you in exploring the issue and identifying your potential courses of action.

Contact: Prof. dr. Jenny Dankelman can be reached by phone at +31 15 2785565, and by email at Languages: Dutch and English.

Confidential advisors social and organisational integrity

Giorgia Giardina

My name is Giorgia Giardina and I am one of the confidential advisors that you can contact with questions related to bullying, discrimination, harassment or other types of intimidation. You can also reach out to me if you suspect a breach of organisational integrity. Together we can explore the options you have to address difficult situations, in a safe and confidential environment.

I am an assistant professor at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences. 

Contact: Dr. Giorgia Giardina can be reached by phone at + 31 15 2786301 and by email at Languages: English and Italian.

Ada van Gulik

My name is Ada van Gulik, I am part of the team of confidential advisors at TU Delft. With your personal needs and wishes as a starting point, I can guide and advise you if you are confronted with undesirable behavior or a potential violation of organisational integrity in your study or work environment. Commitment, meticulousness and confidentiality are key in this.

I work at the faculty of EEMCS, as coordinator of the Faculty Graduate School.

Contact: Ada van Gulik MA can be reached by phone at +31 15 27 81674 and by email at Languages: Dutch and English.

Christiaan Mooiman

I am Christiaan Mooiman. In daily life at TU Delft, I am a staff technician at Bioprocess Engineering and Industrial MicroBiology (Faculty of Applied Sciences). In this position I provide support to colleagues with technical issues; as a confidential advisor I do the same when it comes to social matters.

Employees and students can contact me if they are confronted with undesirable behavior (such as aggression, discrimination, violence, (sexual) intimidation, bullying or stalking) and/or issues related to organisational integrity (such as financial fraud, conflicts of interest or abuse of power). You will find an outlet with me and, if necessary, advice or guidance in steps you may want to take. All contact is confidential.

Contact: Christiaan Mooiman, MCs, can be reached by phone at +31 6 48135263 and by email at Languages: Dutch and English.

External confidential advisor

Sandra van der Hor

My name is Sandra van der Hor. I am the external confidential advisor at TU Delft, with a special focus on social and organisational integrity. Based on sincere commitment, I enjoy working with people and organisations that need a listening ear, advice or help.

As an external and certified confidential advisor, I offer that listening ear. Together we explore whether the person reporting can or would like to do something about the situation and if so, 'what'. Prevention is better than cure, which is why prevention and a safe working or study environment always come first for me. (Early) identification and dealing with psychosocial workload can in many cases prevent serious and long-term problems.

Respect, care and integrity are personal values for me, and people characterise me as accessible, reliable and professional. If you are confronted with undesirable behaviour (such as bullying, aggression, (sexual) intimidation, stalking, discrimination) or suspect other breaches of integrity (such as fraud, questionable ancillary activities or abuse of power), you can get in touch with me. Contact is always without obligation. Confidentiality and anonymity are guaranteed.

Contact: Sandra van der Hor can be reached by phone at +31 6 2117 0603 and by email at Languages: Dutch and English.