Mental Health Resources

Resources for mental health of internationals

If you are in need of help to address your mental health, we have gathered some resources for international that might be useful for you.

The ACCESS Counselling Service Network (CSN) consists of licensed professionals with practices all over the Netherlands, which regulates itself and is coordinated by an ACCESS Focal Point. Counsellors are men and women who are psychologists, mental health counsellors, and social workers from a variety of different cultural backgrounds. All counsellors have a minimum Masters level degree with at least two years supervised work experience. They offer a variety of expertise in different areas

Their professionals have experience in treating people with different psychological problems and disorders. You can find some of the problems that often are seen with their patients. If your problem is not included, you can always contact them.

Therapy Now
Therapy Now was born from a desire to be able to offer individually tailor-made psychological support and therapy to international adults and adolescents.

All of the therapists in their small team are specialized psychologists with experience of living away from home and the challenges a different country and culture can present.