Visa and permits

Prior to your arrival in the Netherlands, the proper visa and/or permits for your stay will have to have been approved by the Dutch government. As soon as your appointment at TU Delft has been confirmed, Human Resources Services (HR Services) at TU Delft will contact you and begin the process of applying for the necessary visa and/or permits on your behalf. Requirements for visas, residency permits and work permits vary, depending on your country of citizenship and, possibly, on the length and nature of your stay.

The government agency in charge of visas and permits for foreigners residing in the Netherlands is the Immigratie- en Naturalisatiedienst (Immigration and Naturalisation Service, or IND). The agency’s web address is: This website is available in English as well as in Dutch. It is highly informative. It will provide you with essential information as you, together with the Human Resources Services at TU Delft, undertake the process of arranging a visa or permit. 

More information

The Dutch government website 'Enabling an employee to come to the Netherlands' explains the procedure TU Delft will undertake in order to arrange for your stay.

Click here for a useful source of information regarding work permits. 

Click here for a useful source of information regarding visas.