Why TU Delft?

Delft University of Technology:

By any measure, TU Delft is one of the world’s leading research universities. Delft consistently ranks very high among institutions of higher education globally. In 2021 TU Delft’s programmes in engineering and technology ranked 21st in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings and 15th in the QS World University Rankings. The Architecture programme is ranked 3rd in the QS World Rankings. While no absolute value can be attached to such rankings, they provide an indication of the outstanding reputation TU Delft enjoys. TU Delft’s quality depends especially on its size and diversity. TU Delft is a lively community of approximately 30,000 people from all corners of the world. It comprises 8 faculties, covering a broad range of academic disciplines. This diversity creates a rich interdisciplinary environment for both staff and students. TU Delft works hard to support this outstanding community. The concept of lifelong learning is an essential feature of today’s knowledge economy. TU Delft attaches great importance to the on-going personal and professional development of its staff.

Daily, about 27,000 people cross our campus: students, scientist, visitors and employees of the university and the companies on campus. Stretching across 161 hectares, the campus is larger than downtown Delft and one of the largest university campuses in the world.