“Connecting Business with Science & Education”

The Faculty of Aerospace Engineering enjoys a long and varied tradition of collaboration with the aerospace sector, both in teaching and research. The world is changing rapidly, making its relationships with the business community more important than ever before. The faculty is also becoming increasingly pro-active in exploring new forms of collaboration.

The faculty's Business Portal is a ‘landing page’ offering a clear overview of all the ways businesses can contact the faculty and opportunities for collaboration. This will further increase both the visibility and the accessibility of the faculty to the outside world, with the aim of: “Connecting Business to Science and Education”.

Business Connect Team

Femke Verdegaal

Team Coordinator & External Relations

Ingrid Houthuysen

External Relations

Mechteld van Beijeren

Business Cooperation Manager

Laura ten Bloemendal

Business Cooperation Manager

Ineke Boneschansker

Public Affairs & Communication

Frandjescka Balootje

Alumni Coordinator