Management team

The dean serves as the integral manager responsible for the education, research, and administration of the faculty. The management team of the faculty, in addition to the dean, consists of the four department chairs, the director of education, the diversity and the faculty secretary. Composition of the management team:

  • Prof. Henri Werij, Dean (Chairman)
  • Department Flow Physics & Technology Leo Veldhuis (Department Chair)
  • Department Control & Operations Mirjam Snellen (Department Chair)
  • Department Aerospace Structures & Materials Rinze Benedictus (Department Chair)
  • Department Space Engineering Pieter Visser (Department Chair)
  • Joris Melkert (Director of Education)
  • Axelle Viré (Diversity & Inclusion Chair)
  • Petra Jorritsma (Faculty Secretary)

Secretary Dean

Irma Eggens