The mission of the faculty of Aerospace Engineering is to guarantee a sustainable future through a firm foothold in the world by establishing and maintaining a good relationship with our alumni.

Mentor Alumni Programme (MAP)

The Mentor Alumni Programme (MAP) connects AE alumni as mentors to AE students. Alumni use their valuable experience to advise students and discuss their study paths, ambitions and future careers. For alumni this is an opportunity to give something back to their former faculty, strengthen their coaching and advising skills and connect to the fresh thinking of students outside of their current working environment. Click here to contact the MAP team.

Alumni Chapters

An Alumni Chapter is a ‘networking hub’ of alumni abroad. It has the goal of forming an active network and link between the faculty and alumni located within specified geographical locations. At this moment we have three successful chapters up and running, each of which has hosted several networking events. Each Chapter has one or more Alumni Ambassadors – alumni who form the active link between the alumni in the region and faculty. They help organize Chapter events and regularly discuss the future of the Chapters as well as opportunities for further collaboration.

Mechteld van Beijeren

Alumni Coordinator

Toulouse, France

Our Alumni Ambassador in the Toulouse region is Shahrzad Hosseini.

Munich, Germany

Our Alumni Ambassadors in the Munich region are Rogier Giepman, Louis Souverein and Ivor van Dartel.

Hamburg/Bremen, Germany

Our Alumni Ambassadors in the Hamburg/Bremen region are Rik-Jan Lemmen, Derk Daverschot and Taco Stouten.


The faculty of Aerospace Engineering organizes activities together with and for alumni on a regular basis. This can include knowledge sharing activities, networking drinks and dinners, reunions and themed events such as symposia or R&D meetings. Most events are organized at the faculty of Aerospace Engineering or at Chapter locations (see: Alumni Chapters), but the faculty also regularly organizes events for alumni linked to existing events or meetings (such as the Airbus Global University Partnership Programme meeting in Toulouse in 2017).