BK Expo

The Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment has its own exhibition space: BK Expo. Exhibits in BK Expo include scale models, objects and scientific studies. BK Expo is located on the east side of the building, next to Espressobar Sterk.

Previous exhibitions

Since its opening in 2014, BK Expo has hosted a large number of exhibitions, such as:

Analytical Models: Hofjes
North Sea: Landscapes of Coexistence
Flowscapes graduation exhibition
Festive City
Postcards from the Field: Learning from Water in the Desert
From students to alumni
Future Nature - Synthetic Biology
BK Booths under construction
The Berlage Exhibition: Necessarily Eurometropolitan
Corporate Arcadia
Argus annual Expo
Tour d'Europe - langs ideaalsteden in de late Middeleeuwen
Havana - Cuba studio
A home away from home
Global Housing
The Berlage exhibition: Scenes of the Good Life
Come out and play: Exhibition 'Homo Ludens'
OEROL: Mensen, polders en weidevogels
Dolls' houses
INDESEM: Growing expo
Van ontwerpproces tot landschap
Business at university
Ontwerpen op grote schaal