Prof. dr. ir. arch. I.S. Sariyildiz

Professor of Design Informatics - Department of Architectural Engineering + Technology 

The chair deals with research on the development of knowledge in methods, techniques and tools for Performative Computational Design.  It deals with complexity in architectural design using its soft aspects, such as perception and experience of space, form, culture, function, aesthetic, social, economic, safety, comfort and the hard aspects such as technical, structural, material, energy and cost-related, construction, sustainability, climate and energy. Both soft and hard aspects should be considered during the conceptual phase of the architectural design.

During the conceptual phase most important decisions are taken. Computational design tools, methods and techniques enable to integrate these aspects into the architectural design. After the concept form generation, performance of the concept is evaluated in terms of various measures aiming to achieve best performance of the concept design. This approach gives both designers and builders a toolkit to construct a virtual building, to test key aspects of the building performance and optimize the design before any physical construction has to take place.

Main research topics of the chair:

  • Computational intelligence in Design and Architecture
  • Design Configuration and Performance assessment
  • Digital Design & Manufacturing
  • Integral-collaborative Design (Building Information Modeling, Building Assembly Modeling, Building Optimization Modeling)

Sevil Sariyildiz has been the advisor of the Dutch Ministry of Spatial Planning and Environment and advisor of the Ministry of Social Affairs in the Netherlands. She is the founder of DEWIS (Delft Women in Science) Network and initiator of the collaboration between Dutch and Turkish Universities. Sariyildiz has been chosen as one of the: “50 most influential Turks in the Netherlands”, “26 successful Turks in the Netherlands”, “20 Colorful Talent in Science”, “Top 10 women” in the Netherlands, “Four successful foreigner in science in the Netherlands”. She has more than 200 scientific publications.

Sevil Sariyildiz