P.M. Bluyssen

Professor of Indoor Environment
Department of Architectural Engineering + Technology

"I'm currently doing research into the quality of the indoor environment of buildings. Looking at the possibilities to improve this based primarily on the needs and wishes of the users. How do you create healthy and comfortable buildings?

I have worked at TNO for more than twenty years developing my knowledge about the indoor environment. There is a growing interest in the occupant comfort of the users of buildings. Not only nationally but also at European and global levels there is a growing recognition that a healthy and comfortable indoor environment is one of the determining factors of the quality of life.

Reliable method

I think it is important that a reliable method is developed to determine the way people experience and perceive the indoor environment. Not only to combat and prevent dissatisfaction and illnesses caused by indoor environments, but also to achieve a positive effect on the quality of life for the users of a building.

I hope to develop a multidisciplinary research and education programme for future architects to help them in creating and renovating buildings that are healthy and sustainable throughout their life cycle.”

One of the many publications that Philomena has to her name is the ‘Indoor Environment Handbook: How to make buildings healthy and comfortable’. A publication in which she among other things maps out how people respond to indoor living conditions and how modification of these parameters can improve the indoor environment. This handbook was honoured in 2010 with the ‘Choice Outstanding Academic Titles Award’ from the American Library Association. At the end of 2013 she also published the book ‘The Healthy Indoor Environment: How to assess occupants’ wellbeing in buildings'.

Philomena Bluyssen